Telecommunications Assistant

اسم المؤسسة
Sudan السودان
Full Time دوام كامل
Engineering/Technical الهندسة / التقنية
Min. education
Bachelors Degree بكالوريوس
Career level
المستوى المهني
Mid-Level متوسط الخبرة


Contract Information

Type of Contract: Service Contract
Contract Duration: One Year (renewable)
Duty Station: Khartoum
Unit: N/A

Under the guidance and direct supervision of the Security Advisor / DSA & FSCOs the Telecommunications Assistant provides Telecommunications Assistant and administrative support services to the UNDSS Radio Room unit, provides daily communications and information flow for all units and UN Agencies in Sudan.

The Telecommunications Assistant works in close collaboration with UNDSS Front Office, Management Support and Business Development, Programme and Operations teams in a large CO and UNDSS HQ staff for resolving complex Telecommunications Assistant and radio room related issues.

Terms Of Reference/ Duties and responsibilities:
Summary of key functions:

Implement standard UN Call sign systems
Ensure efficient communications and information flow.
Ensure all network users are complying with standard radio procedures.
Ensure radio rooms are equipped and up to date documentation.
Provide basic technical support for communications equipment.
• Maintain radio contact with all radio users, stations and vehicles operating on the United Nations inter agency radio network(s) under their responsibility.

• Tracking all missions and advised on all security related issues.

• Ensure efficient communications and information flow for all units and agencies.

• Maintain strict confidentiality of all relevant messages sent and received through the radio room communications systems.

• Initial response to all emergency communications to radio room as appropriate.

• Ensure Telecom centre has updated staff lists & contact details, vehicles list.

• Have access to EDSL at all times.

• In case of an emergency immediately inform the FSCOs and Radioroom supervisor and act accordingly.

• Ensure all network users are complying with standard radio procedures, call signs and radio discipline is strictly maintained.

• Immediately advice the radio room supervisor or FSCOs & SA on faults in the telecommunication networks and undertake all necessary action to provide a prompt re-establishment of service.

• Assist the ICT officer in the installation and arrangement of equipment and fixtures where needed.

• Conduct daily contact with UNAFPs security to confirm any changes in UN staff movements within their area of responsibility prior to staff start the mission.

• Monitoring UNSMIN and processing all External & Internal Security Clearances timely.

• Monitoring the news 24/7 and report security incidents and any accident involving UN staff or assist to the FSCO.

• Disseminate security information & advisories to all agency security officers and security focal points.

• Operate VHF and HF radio network to receive dispatch and relay messages as required

• Type, distribute and respond by a variety of means - e-mail, fax - and log accurately all incoming/outgoing radio/fax messages to concerned personnel.

• Advise all concerned staff members of important incoming radio messages.

• Maintain properly all radio networks, communication equipment at user level reporting problems in a timely manner to relevant staff.

• Professionally operate, and communicate using UN standard telecommunications facilities

• Implement standard UN Call sign systems, vehicle tracking procedures and Standard Operating Procedures at all IAST radio rooms.

• Maintain regular communications with staff in the field and HQ, utilizing HF / VHF / Sat phone or any other forms of telecommunications equipment and methods at your disposal

• Keep a detailed log of all radio traffic, telephone and fax messages that pass through the radio room

• Answer all calls, whether on radio or telephone, promptly and efficiently

• Analyse the communications requirements, recommend new systems and/or enhancements in the functionality of the existing systems

• Ensure radio rooms are equipped with appropriate up to date documentation,

• Provide basic technical support for communications equipment in the field,

• Train UN’s implementing partners on a per need basis and as time permits,

• Work closely with other agencies telecoms services,

• Perform other related duties as required,

• Provide clear reports on all of the above,

• Traveling to other radio rooms may be required.

Impact of Results:-

The key results have an impact on the overall efficiency of radio room including improved business results and client services. Forward-looking radio room management has an impact on the UN Agencies of office security management, efficient communications, and knowledge sharing.

Immediate response to emergency situation reported by UN AFPs.

Competencies and Critical Success Factors:

Corporate Competencies:

Demonstrates commitment to UNDP’s mission, vision and values
Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability
Functional Competencies:

Knowledge Management and Learning

Shares knowledge and experience and provides helpful advice to others in the office
Ability to develop systems for structuring, codifying and providing access to information and knowledge
Development and Operational Effectiveness

Ability to provide basic security information services
Good knowledge of PC/LAN operating systems, Microsoft Windows, corporate ICT security and viral protection systems, ERP
Ability to perform a variety of standard specialized and non-specialized tasks and work processes that are fully documented, researched, recorded and reported
Ability to review a variety of data, identify and adjust discrepancies, identify and resolve operational problems
Ability to perform work of confidential nature and handle a large volume of work
Some experience in client support, such as, a Help Desk or User Support Unit,
Ability to provide input to business processes re-engineering, elaboration and implementation of new systems
Leadership and Self-Management

Focuses on result for the client and responds positively to feedback
Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude
Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexity

Recruitment Qualifications



Secondary education with relevant certifications in the field of telecommunications, an excellent command of English, with a proven ability to train individuals and groups,
Excellent knowledge of the operation of HF and VHF radio voice systems, in particular Codan and Motorola equipment
Skilled in MS Word and Excel and Lotus Email software
Good coordination and control skills to act swiftly and adequately in case of emergencies, accidents or any kind of problems with missions or personnel in the field.

Work Experience:

Work Experience:

At least 5 years of relevant working experience in the field of telecommunications, controlling busy radio networks and training others in the correct operation of communications equipment,
A knowledge of land mobile and aeronautical international radio procedures,
Courtesy, tact, and the ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with people of different cultural backgrounds. User oriented and conversant, yet persistent.
Able to work in difficult environments,
Able to work independently as well as in a team, organize his own daily planning and reporting,
Previous UN experience would be an advantage
Degree in the field of communication / networking would be an advantage.


Fluency in the UN and national language of the duty station.

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